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217. Work Function Tuning of a Weak Adhesion Homojunction for Stable Perovskite Solar Cells

C Zhang, Y Son, H Kim, S-H Lee, X Liang, G Fu, S-U Lee, D-A Park, Q Jiang, K Zhu, N-G Park*

Joule, in press

216. Atomic-Level Insights into Defect-Driven Nitrogen Doping of Reduced Graphene Oxide

G Kang, H Kim*, H-K Lim*

Catalysts 2024, 14(4), 242

215. Elucidating Solvatochromic Shifts in Two-Dimensional Photocatalysts by Solving the Bethe–Salpeter Equation Coupled with Implicit Solvation Method
S-J Kim, S Lebègue*, S Ringe*, H Kim*

Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 15(17), 4575-4580

214. Molecular Dynamics Studies of Atomistically Determined Fibrillar Assemblies: Comparison of the Rippled β-Sheet, Pleated β-Sheet, and Herringbone Structures

H Lee, MY Yang, JA Raskatov, H Kim, WA Goddard III*

Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 15(17), 4568-4574

213. Threading Subunits for Polymers to Predict the Equilibrium Ensemble of Solid Polymer Electrolytes
J Park, WJ Kim, YJ Kim*, EK Lee*, H Kim*

Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 15(5), 1227-1233

212. Selective Reactivity-Assisted Sacrificial Additive Coating for Surface Passivation of Wide Bandgap Perovskite Solar Cells with Cesium Tetrafluoroborate

J Koh, D Kim, SW Park,H Kim, K-H Hong*, B Shin*

Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 12, 4290-4298

211. Atomically-Thin Holey 2D Nanosheets of Defect-Engineered MoN–Mo5N6 Composites as Effective Hybridization Matrices

J Lee, J Lee, X Jin, H Kim*, S-J Hwang*

Small, 20(9), 2306781


210. Iridium-Cooperated, Symmetry-Broken Manganese Oxide Nanocatalyst for Water Oxidation

S Park+, T Jang+, S Choi+, YH Lee, KH Cho, MY Lee, H Seo, HK Lim, Y Kim, J Ryu, SW Im, MG Kim, J-S Park, M Kim, K Jin, SH Kim, G-S Park, H Kim*, KT Nam*

+equal contribution

Journal of the American Chemical Society, 145, 49, 26632-26644

-highlighted by Nature Synthesis 3, 4 (2024) (link)

209. Chemical Physics of Electrochemical Energy Materials

L Zhuang, Y Xia, Q Zhang*, H Kim

Journal of Chemical Physics, 159, 190401 (Editorial)

208. Compositional Design for High-Efficiency All-Inorganic Tin Halide Perovskite Solar Cells

SW Park, JH Heo, HJ Lee, H Kim, SH Im*, K-H Hong*

ACS Energy Letters, 8, 12, 5061-5069

207. Defect-Regulated Two-Dimensional Superlattice of Holey g-C3N4–TiO2 Nanohybrids: Contrasting Influence of Vacancy Content on Hybridization Impact and Photocatalyst Performance
NH Kwon, J Park, X Jin, S-J Kim, H Kim*, S-J Hwang*

ACS Nano, 17, 23, 23732-23745

206. Unravelling the Complex Causality Behind Fe–N–C Degradation in Fuel Cells

G Bae, MM Kim, MH Han, J Cho, DH Kim, M-T Sougrati, J Kim, K-S Lee, SH Joo, WA Goddard III, H-S Oh*, H Kim*, F Jaouen*, CH Choi*

Nature Catalysis, 6, 1140-1150

205. Functional Group-Dependent Proton Conductivity of Phosphoric Acid-Doped Ion-Pair Coordinated Polymer Electrolytes: A Molecular Dynamics Study

H Lee, WA Goddard, JH Cha, WJ Choi*, SH Noh*, H Shin*, H Kim*

Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 127(41) 8993–8999

204. 2023 Roadmap on Molecular Modelling of Electrochemical Energy Materials

Chapter 13: Density functional theory in classical explicit solvents (DFT-CES): efforts towards understanding the unseen, buried electric double layer

C Zhang*, J Cheng*, Y Chen, M Chan, Q Cai, RP Carvalho, CFN Marchiori, D Brandell, CM Araujo, M Chen, X Ji, G Feng, K Goloviznina, A Serva, M Salanne, T Mandai, T Hosaka, M Alhanash, P Johansson, Y Qiu, H Xiao, MH Eikerling, R Jinnouchi, MM Melander, G Kastlunger, A Bouzid, A Pasquarello, S-J Shin, MM Kim, H Kim, K Schwarz, R Sundararaman

Journal of Physics: Energy, 5, 041501 (invited perspective)

203. Splitting of Hydrogen Atoms into Proton–Electron Pairs at BaO–Ru Interfaces for Promoting Ammonia Synthesis under Mild Conditions

Y Baik+, M Kwen+, K Lee, S Chi, S Lee, K Cho, H Kim*, M Choi*

+equal contribution

Journal of the American Chemical Society, 145(20), 11364–11374144

202. Morphology and Performance Enhancement through the Strong Passivation Effect of Amphoteric Ions in Tin-based Perovskite Solar Cells
DH Ryu, N Khan, J-G Park, D Paik, BJ Kang, NJ Jeon, S Lee, HK Lee, SK Lee, WS Shin, J-C Lee, H Kim*, K-H Hong*, SH Im*, CE Song*

Small, 19(39), 2302418

201. Effect of Surface Termination on Carrier Dynamics of Metal Halide Perovskites: Ab Initio Quantum Dynamics Study

Y Ha, Y Son, D Paik, K-H Hong*, H Kim*

Electronic Materials Letters, 19, 588-597

200. Anion-Induced Interfacial Liquid Layers on LiCoO2 in Salt-in-Water Lithium-Ion Batteries

H Oh+, S-J Shin+, E Choi, H Yamagishi, T Ohta, N Yabuuchi, H-G Jung, H Kim*, HR Byon*

+equal contribution

JACS Au, 3(5), 1392-1402

199. Structural Heterogeneity of Single-Atom Catalysts and True Active Site Generation via Ligand Exchange during Electrochemical H2O2 Production

S Chi, SG Ji, M Kim, H Kim, CH Choi*, M Choi*

Journal of Catalysis, 419, 49-57

198. Conformational Landscapes of Artificial Peptides Predicted by Various Force Fields: Are We Ready to Simulate β-Amino Acids?

J Park, H-S Lee, H Kim*, J-M Choi*

Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 25, 7466-7476

197. Active and Stable PtP2-based Electrocatalyst Solves the Phosphate Poisoning Issue of High Temperature Fuel Cell
J-H Yu, KP Singh, S-J Kim, T-H Kang, K-S Lee, H Kim, S Ringe*, J-S Yu*
Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 11, 6413-6427


196. Highly Conductive p-Type Transparent Conducting Electrode with Sulfur-Doped Copper Iodide
K Ahn, GH Kim, S-J Kim, J Kim, G-S Ryu, P Lee, B Ryu, JY Cho, Y-H Kim, J Kang, H Kim, Y-Y Noh*, M-G Kim*
Chemistry of Materials, 34, 23, 10517–10527

195. Role of Surface Strain at Nanocrystalline Pt{110} Facets in Oxygen Reduction Catalysis
H Ahn, H Ahn, J An, H Kim*, JW Hong*, SW Han*

Nano Letters, 22, 22, 9115-9121

194. Enhanced Electroreduction of CO2 by Ni−N−C Catalysts from the Interplay Between Valency and Local Coordination Symmetry

D Shin, H Choi, J An, CH Sohn, CH Choi, H Shin*, H Kim*

Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 10, 22523-22530

193. Cationic Additive with a Rigid Solvation Shell for High-Performance Zinc Ion Batteries

M Kim, S-J Shin, J Lee, Y Park, Y Kim, H Kim*, JW Choi*

+equal contribution

Angewandte Chemie, 61, 47, e202211589

192. A Unifying Mechanism for Cation Effect Modulating C1 and C2 Productions from CO2 Electroreduction

S-J Shin, H Choi, S Ringe, DH Won, H-S Oh, DH Kim, T Lee, D-H Nam, H Kim*, CH Choi*

Nature Communications, 13, 5482

191. Biodegradable Block Copolymer–Tannic Acid Glue

J Park, E Park, SQ Choi, J Wu, J Park, H Lee, H Kim, Haeshin Lee*, Myungeun Seo*

JACS Au, 2, 9, 1978-1988

190. Thermodynamics of π–π Interactions of Benzene and Phenol in Water

D Paik, H Lee, H Kim*, J-M Choi*

International Journal of Molecular Science, 23, 17, 9811

(Special Issue: State-of-the-Art Physical Chemistry and Chemical Physics in Korea)

189. GW Quasiparticle Energies and Bandgaps of Two-Dimensional Materials Immersed in Water

S-J Kim, S Lebègue, S Ringe*, H Kim*

Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 13, 32, 7574-7582

188. Hydrogen Spillover in Nonreducible Oxides: Mechanism and Catalytic Utilization
S Lee, H Kim, R Ryoo, JY Park, M Choi*

Nano Research, 15, 10357-10365

187. A Bimetallic PdCu–Fe3O4 Catalyst with an Optimal d-band Centre for Selective N-methylation of Aromatic Amines with Methanol
JH Cho, Y Ha, A Cho, J Park, J Choi, Y Won, H Kim*, BM Kim*

Catalysis Science and Technology, 12, 3524-3533

186. Interface Rich CuO/Al2CuO4 Surface for Selective Ethylene Production from Electrochemical CO2 conversion

S Sultan+, H Lee+, S Park+, MM Kim+, A Yoon, H Choi, T-H Kong, Y-J Koe, H-S Oh, Z Lee*, H Kim*, W Kim*, Y Kwon*

+equal contribution

Energy Environmental Science, 15, 2397-2409

185. Triphasic Metal Oxide Photocatalyst for Reaction Site-Specific Production of Hydrogen Peroxide from Oxygen Reduction and Water Oxidation
K-H Kim, S-J Kim, WH Choi, H Lee, BC Moon, GH Kim, JW Choi, DG Park, JH Choi, H Kim*, JK Kang*

Advanced Energy Materials, 12, 18, 2104052

184. Density Functional Theory in Classical Explicit Solvents: Mean-field QM/MM Method for Simulating Solid–liquid Interfaces
T Jang+, D Paik+, S-J Shin, H Kim*

+equal contribution

Bulletin of the Korean Chemical Society, 43, 4, 476-483

183. Electronic Interaction Between Transition Metal Single-atoms and Anatase TiO2 Boosts CO2 Photoreduction with H2O
B-H Lee+, E Gong+, M Kim+, S Park, HR Kim, J Lee, E Jung, CW Lee, J Bok, Y Jung, YS Kim, K-S Lee, S-P Cho, J-W Jung, C-H Cho, S Lebègue, KT Nam, H Kim*, S-I In*, T Hyeon*

+equal contribution

Energy Environmental Science, 15, 601-609

182. On the Importance of the Electric Double Layer Structure in Aqueous Electrocatalysis
S-J Shin+, DH Kim+, G Bae+, S Ringe, H Choi, H-K Lim, CH Choi*, H Kim* 

+equal contribution

Nature Communications, 13, 174

181. Enhanced Light Emission through Symmetry Engineering of Halide Perovskites
Y Ha, J-G Park, K-H Hong*, H Kim*

Journal of the American Chemical Society, 144, 1, 297-305

180. Multilayer Conductive Hybrid Nanosheets as Versatile Hybridization Matrices for Optimizing the Defect Structure, Structural Ordering, and Energy-Functionality of Nanostructured Materials
NH Kwon, X Jin, S-J Kim, H Kim*, S-J Hwang*

Advanced Science, 9, 2, 213042


179. In Situ Mapping and Local Negative Uptake Behavior of Adsorbates in Individual Pores of Metal–Organic Frameworks
SR Shin, HS Cho, Y Lee, S Gim, YM Jung, H Kim, O Terasaki, JK Kang*
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 143, 49, 20747–20757

178. A Catalytic Approach of Blending CO2-activating MOF Struts for Cycloaddition Reaction in a Helically Interlaced Cu(II) Amino Acid Imidazolate Framework: DFT-corroborated Investigation
AC Kathalikkattil, Y Gu, JF Kurisingal, H Lee, H Kim, Y Choe, D-W Park*

Research on Chemical Intermediates, 47, 3979-3997

177. Reversible Ligand Exchange in Atomically Dispersed Catalysts for Modulating the Activity and Selectivity of Oxygen Reduction Reaction
JH Kim+, D Shin+, J Kim+, JS Lim, VK Paidi, TJ Shin, HY Jeong, K-S Lee*, H Kim*, SH Joo*

+equal contribution

Angewandte Chemie, 60, 37, 20528-20534

176. Simultaneous Enhanced Efficiency and Stability of Perovskite Solar Cells Using Adhesive Fluorinated Polymer Interfacial Material
M Lyu, S Park, H Lee, BS Ma, SH Park, K-H Hong, H Kim, T-S Kim, JH Noh, HJ Son*, N-G Park*

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 13(30), 35595-35605

175. Assessment and Prediction of Band Edge Locations of Nitrides using a Self-Consistent Hybrid Functional

S-J Kim, S Lebègue, H Kim*, WJ Kim*

Journal of Chemical Physics, 155, 024120

174. Physicochemical Understanding of the Impact of Pore Environment and Species of Adsorbates on Adsorption Behaviour

HS Cho,* H Tanaka, Y Lee, Y-B Zhang, J Jiang, M Kim, H Kim, JK Kang, O Terasaki

Angewandte Chemie, 60, 37, 20504-20510

173. Three-dimensional Amino Acid Backbone Cu-aspartate Metal–Organic Framework as a Catalyst for the Cycloaddition of Propylene Oxide and CO2

AC Kathalikkattil, Y Gu, JF Kurisingal, H Lee, H Kim, Y Choe, D-W Park*

Reaction Kinetics, Mechanisms and Catalysis, 133, 425-439

172. Microbially Guided Discovery and Biosynthesis of Biologically Active Natural Products

A Sarkar, EY Kim, T Jang, A Hongdusit, H Kim, J-M Choi, JM Fox*

ACS Synthetic Biology, 10(6), 1505-1519

171. Lattice Engineering to Simultaneously Control the Defect/Stacking Structures of Layered Double Hydroxide Nanosheets to Optimize Their Energy Functionalities

N Kim+, T-H Gu+, D Shin+, X Jin, H Shin, MG Kim, H Kim*, S-J Hwang*

+equal contribution

ACS Nano, 15(5), 8306-8318

170. Femtosecond Quantum Dynamics of Excited-State Evolution of Halide Perovskites: Quantum Chaos of Molecular Cations

Y Lee, H Kim, K-H Hong*, K Cho*

Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 125(19), 10676-10684

169. Tailoring Dynamic Metal‐Polymer Interaction to Improve Catalyst Selectivity and Longevity in Hydrogenation

K Hyun, Y Park, S Lee, J Lee, Y Choi, S-J Shin, H Kim, M Choi*

Angewandte Chemie, 60(22), 12482-12489

168. Selective Electrochemical Reduction of Nitric Oxide to Hydroxylamine by Atomically Dispersed Iron Catalyst

DH Kim+, S Ringe+, H Kim, S Kim, B Kim, G Bae, H-S Oh, F Jaouen, W Kim*, H Kim*, CH Choi*

+equal contribution

Nature Communications, 12, 1856

167. Redirecting Dynamic Surface Restructuring of a Layered Transition Metal Oxide Catalyst for Superior Water Oxidation

J Wang*, S-J Kim, J Liu, Y Gao, S Choi, J Han, H Shin, S Jo, J Kim, F Ciucci, H Kim, Q Li, W Yang, X Long, S Yang,* S-P Cho, KH Chae, MG Kim, H Kim*, J Lim*

Nature Catalysis, 4, 212-222

-highlighted as a front cover

166. Dynamic Transformation of a Ag+-Coordinated Supramolecular Nanostructure from a 1D Needle to a 1D Helical Tube via a 2D Ribbon Accompanying the Conversion of Complex Structures

JS Oh+, KY Kim+, J Park, H Lee, Y Park, J Cho, SS Lee, H Kim*, SH Jung*, JH Jung*

+equal contribution

Journal of the American Chemical Society, 143(8), 3113-3123

165. Identification of Single-Atom Ni Site Active toward Electrochemical CO2 Conversion to CO

H Kim+, D Shin+, W Yang+, DH Won+, H-S Oh, MW Chung, D Jeong, SH Kim, KH Chae, JY Ryu, J Lee, SJ Cho, J Seo*, H Kim*, CH Choi*

+equal contribution

Journal of the American Chemical Society, 143 (2), 925-933


164. Electron-deficient Titanium Single-atom Electrocatalyst for Stable and Efficient Hydrogen Production

I Jang, K Im, H Shin, K-S Lee, H Kim, J Kim, SJ Yoo*

Nano Energy, 78, 105151

163. Unveiling Electrode–Electrolyte Design-Based NO Reduction for NH3 Synthesis

DY Kim, D Shin, J Heo, H Lim, J-A Lim, HM Jeong, B-S Kim, I Heo, I Oh, B Lee, M Sharma, H Lim*, H Kim*, Y Kwon*

ACS Energy Letters, 5(11), 3647-3656

162. Monolayered g-C3N4 Nanosheet as an Emerging Cationic Building Block for Bifunctional 2D Superlattice Hybrid Catalysts with Controlled Defect Structures

NH Kwon+, S‐J Shin+, X Jin. Y Jung, G‐S Hwang, H Kim*, S‐J Hwang*

+equal contribution

Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 227(15), 119191

161. Effect of Groundwater Ions (Ca2+, Na+, and HCO3-) on Removal of Hexavalent Chromium by Fe(II)-phosphate Mineral

S Bae, S Yoon, U Kaplan, H Kim, S Han, W Lee*
Journal of Hazardous Materials, 398(5), 122948

160. Time-resolved Observation of C-C Coupling Intermediates on Cu Electrodes for Selective Electrochemical CO2 Reduction

Y Kim, S Park, S-J Shin, W Choi, BK Min, H Kim, W Kim*, YJ Hwang*

Energy and Environmental Science, 13, 4301-4311

-selected in 2020 Energy and Environmental Science HOT Articles (link)

159. Spectroscopic Capture of a Low-spin Mn(IV)-oxo Species in Ni–Mn3O4 Nanoparticles during Water Oxidation Catalysis

S Park, K Jin, HK Lim, J Kim, KH Cho, S Choi, H Seo, MY Lee, YH Lee, S Yoon, M Kim, H Kim*, SH Kim*, KT Nam*

Nature Communications, 11, 5230

158. Operando Stability of Platinum Electrocatalysts in Ammonia Oxidation Reactions

H Kim, W Yang, WH Lee, MH Han, J Moon, C Jeon, D Kim, SG Ji, KH Chae, K-S Lee, J Seo, H-S Oh, H Kim, CH Choi*

ACS Catalysis, 10(19), 11674-11684

157. FexNi2-xP Alloy Nanocatalysts with Electron-Deficient Phosphorus Enhancing Hydrogen Evolution Reaction in Acidic Media

D Shin, HJ Kim, M Kim, D Shin, H Kim*, H Song*, S-I Choi*

ACS Catalysis, 10(19), 11665-11673

156. Intermetallic PtCu Nanoframes as Efficient Oxygen Reduction Electrocatalysts

HY Kim+, T Kwon+, Y Ha+, M Jun, H Baik, HY Jeong, H Kim*, K Lee*, SH Joo*

+equal contribution

Nano Letters, 20(10), 7413-7421

155. Thermal Transformation of Molecular Ni2+–N4 Sites for Enhanced CO2 Electroreduction Activity

YJ Sa+, H Jung+, D Shin+, HY Jeong, S Ringe, H Kim*, YJ Hwang*, SH Joo*

+equal contribution

ACS Catalysis, 10(19), 10920-10931

154. Electric Field Mediated Selectivity Switching of Electrochemical CO2 Reduction from Formate to CO on Carbon Supported Sn

M-Y Lee+, S Ringe+, H Kim*, S Kang*, Y Kwon*

+equal contribution

ACS Energy Letters, 5(9), 2987-2994

153. Activity-Stability Relationship in Au@Pt Nanoparticles for Electrocatalysis

DY Chung, S Park, H Lee, H Kim, Y-H Chung, JM Yoo, D Ahn, S-H Yu, K-S Lee, M Ahmadi, H Ju, HD Abruna, SJ Yoo*, BS Mun*, Y-E Sung*

ACS Energy Letters, 5(9), 2827-2834

152. High-performance p-channel Transistors with Transparent Zn Doped-CuI

A Liu, H Zhu, W-T Park, S-J Kim, H Kim, M-G Kim*, Y-Y Noh*

Nature Communications, 11, 4309

151. Dynamic Metal-Polymer Interaction for the Design of Chemoselective and Long-lived Hydrogenation Catalysts

S Lee+, S-J Shin+, H Baek, Y Choi, K Hyun, M Seo, K Kim, D-Y Koh, H Kim*, M Choi*

+equal contribution

Science Advances, 6(28), eabb7369

150. Water Slippage on Graphitic and Metallic Surfaces: Impact of Surface Packing Structure and Electron Density Tail

KJ Cho, S Gim, H-K Lim, C Kim*, H Kim*
Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 124(21), 11392-11400

149. Thermodynamics of Multicomponent Perovskites: A Guide to Highly Efficient and Stable Solar Cell Materials

S Kim, T Eom, Y-S Ha, K-H Hong*, H Kim*
Chemistry of Materials, 32(10), 4265–4272

148. Synergistic Control of Structural Disorder and Surface Bonding Nature to Optimize the Functionality of Manganese Oxide as an Electrocatalyst and a Cathode for Li–O2 Batteries

X Jin, M Park, S‐J Shin, Y Jo, MG Kim, H Kim, Y‐M Kang*, S‐J Hwang*

Small, 16(12), 1903265

147. A General Strategy to Atomically Dispersed Precious Metal Catalysts for Unravelling Their Catalytic Trends for Oxygen Reduction Reaction

JH Kim, D Shin, J Lee, DS Baek, TJ Shin, Y-T Kim, HY Jeong, JH Kwak, H Kim*, SH Joo*
ACS Nano, 14(2), 1990-2001​

146. uMBD: A Materials-Ready Dispersion Correction That Uniformly Treats Metallic, Ionic, and van der Waals Bonding
M Kim+, WJ Kim+, T Gould, EK Lee*, S Lebègue*, H Kim*
+equal contribution
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 142(5), 2346-2354


145. Theoretical study of the microscopic origin of magnetocrystalline anisotropy in Fe16N2 and its alloys: comparison with the other L10 alloys

MH Han, WJ Kim*, EK Lee*, H Kim*, S Lebègue, JJ Kozak

Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 32, 035801

144. Selectivity Modulated by Surface Ligands on Cu2O/TiO2 Catalysts for Gas-Phase Photocatalytic Reduction of Carbon Dioxide

S Jeong, G-M Kim, G-S Kang, C Kim, H Lee, W-J Kim, YK Lee, S Lee, H Kim*, H-K Lim*, DC Lee*

Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 123(48), 29184-29191

143. Activity Origin and Multifunctionality of Pt-Based Intermetallic Nanostructures for Efficient Electrocatalysis

HY Kim+, JM Kim+, Y Ha+, J Woo, A Byun, TJ Shin, KH Park, HY Jeong*, H Kim*, JY Kim*, SH Joo*

+equal contribution

ACS Catalysis, 9(12), 11242-11254

142. Understanding the Relative Efficacies and Versatile Roles of 2D Conductive Nanosheets in Hybrid-type Photocatalyst

S Son, JM Lee, S-J Kim, H Kim, X Jin, KK Wang, M Kim, JW Hwang, W Choi, Y-R Kim*, H Kim*, S-J Hwang*

Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 257, 117875

141. Structure, Dynamics, and Wettability of Water at Metal Interfaces

S Gim, KJ Cho, H-K Lim*, H Kim*

Scientific Reports, 9, 14805

140. An ab initio Study of the Ferroelectric In2Se3/graphene Heterostructure

T Ayadi*, L Debbichi, M Badawi, M Saida, H Kim, D Rocca, S Lebègue

Physica E: Low-dimensional Systems and Nanostructures, 114, 113582


139. Metal–Oxide Interfaces for Selective Electrochemical C–C Coupling Reactions

CW Lee+, S-J Shin+, H Jung, DLT Nguyen, SY Lee, WH Lee, DH Won, MG Kim, H-S Oh, T Jang, H Kim*, BK Min, YJ Hwang*

+equal contribution

ACS Energy Letters, 4, 2241-2248

138. Ligand-Controlled Direct Hydroformylation of Trisubstituted Olefins

T Shin, H Kim, S Kim, A Lee, M-S Seo, J Choi, H Kim, H Kim*

Organic Letters, 21, 5789-5792

137. Porous Metal-organic Framework CUK-1 for Adsorption Heat Allocation toward Green Applications of Natural Refrigerant Water

JS Lee, JW Yoon, PGM Mileo, KH Cho, J Park, K Kim, H Kim, MF de Lange, F Kapteijn, G Maurin*, SM Humphrey*, J-S Chang*

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 11, 25778-25789

136. Experimental and Density Functional Theory Corroborated Optimization of Durable Metal Embedded Carbon Nanofiber for Oxygen Electrocatalysis

Y Ha, S Kang, K Ham, J Lee*, H Kim*

Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 10, 3019–3114


135. Self‐Assembly of a β‐Peptide Foldamer: The Role of the Surfactant in Three‐Dimensional Shape Selection

J Gong+, T Eom+, W Lee, AD Roy, S Kwon*, H Kim*, H-S Lee*

+equal contribution

ChemPlusChem, 84 (5), 481-487

134. Light Emission Enhancement by Tuning the Structural Phase of APbBr3 (A = CH3NH3, Cs) Perovskites

YJ Choi, L Debbichi, D-K Lee, N-G Park*, H Kim*, D Kim*

Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 10, 2135–2142

133. Ultrafast Charge Transfer Coupled with Lattice Phonons in Two-dimensional Covalent Organic Frameworks

TW Kim, S Jun, Y Ha, RK Yadav, A Kumar, C-Y Yoo, I Oh, H-K Lim, JW Shin, R Ryoo, H Kim*, J Kim*, J-O Baeg*, H Ihee*

Nature Communications, 10, 1873

132. Reversible and Cooperative Photoactivation of Single-atom Cu/TiO2 Photocatalysts

B-H Lee+, S Park+, M Kim, AK Sinha, SC Lee, E Jung, WJ Chang, K-S Lee, JH Kim, S-P Cho, H Kim*, KT Nam*, T Hyeon*

+equal contribution

Nature Materials, 18, 620-626


131. Enthalpy-entropy Interplay in π-Stacking Interaction of Benzene Dimer in Water

H Lee, F Dehez, C Chipot, HK Lim*, H Kim*

Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation, 15(3), 1538-1545

130. Electronic Structure and Band Alignments of Various Phases of Titania Using the Self-Consistent Hybrid Density Functional and DFT+U Methods

WJ Kim+, MH Han+, S Lebègue, EK Lee*, H Kim*

+equal contribution

Frontiers in Chemistry, 7, 47 (invited article)

129. Probing Surface Chemistry at an Atomic Level; Decomposition of 1-Propanethiol on GaP(001)(2×4) Investigated by STM, XPS, and DFT

S Jeon*+, M Kim+, PW Doak, HA Atwater, H Kim*

+equal contribution

Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 123(5), 2964-2972



128. α‐MnO2 Nanowire‐Anchored Highly Oxidized Cluster as a Catalyst for Li‐O2 Batteries: Superior Electrocatalytic Activity and High Functionality

T-H Gu, DA Agyeman, S-J Shin, X Jin, JM Lee, H Kim, Y-M Kang*, S-J Hwang*

Angewandte Chemie, 57 (49), 15984-15989

-highlighted as an inside cover

127. Carbon Monoxide as a Promoter of Atomically Dispersed Platinum Catalyst in Electrochemical Hydrogen Evolution Reaction

HC Kwon+, M Kim+, JP Grote, SJ Cho, MW Chung, H Kim, DH Won, AR Zeradjanin, KJJ Mayrhofer, M Choi, H Kim*, CH Choi*

+equal contribution

Journal of the American Chemical Society, 140 (47), 16198-16205

126. Hydration Thermodynamics of Non-Polar Aromatic Hydrocarbons: Comparison of Implicit and Explicit Solvation Models

H Lee, H-K Lim*, H Kim*

Molecules, 23(11), 2927 

(Invited Article to the Special Issue: Combined Quantum Mechanical and Molecular Mechanical Methods and Simulations)

125. The Achilles' Heel of Iron-based Catalysts during Oxygen Reduction in Acidic Medium

CH Choi*, H-K Lim, MW Chung, G Chon, NR Sahraie, A Altin, MT Sougrati, L Stievano, HS Oh, E-S Park, F Luo, P Strasser, G Dražić, KJJ Mayrhofer, H Kim*, F Jaouen*

Energy and Environmental Science, 11, 3176-3182

-highlighted in Nature Catalysis (link)


124. Superior Role of MXene Nanosheet as Hybridization Matrix over Graphene in Enhancing Interfacial Electronic Coupling and Functionalities of Metal Oxide

X Jin, S-J Shin, N Kim, B Kang, H Piao, J-H Choy, H Kim*, S-J Hwang*

Nano Energy, 53, 841-848

123. Roles of SnX2 (X=F, Cl, Br) Additives in Tin-Based Halide Perovskites Towards Highly Efficient and Stable Lead-Free Perovskite Solar Cells

JH Heo, J Kim, H Kim, SH Moon, SH Im*, K-H Hong*

Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 9 (20), 6024-6031

122. Molecular Identification of Cr(VI) Removal Mechanism on Vivianite Surface

S Bae, Y Sihn, D Kyung, SH Yoon, T Eom, U Kaplan, H Kim, T Schäfer, S Han, W Lee*

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121. Heterolayered 2D Nanohybrids of Uniformly Stacked Transition Metal Dichalcogenide–Transition Metal Oxide Monolayers with Improved Energy-Related Functionalities

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+equal contribution

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+equal contribution

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+equal contribution

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+equal contribution

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